Blogger (blogspot) allows users to host blogs at any website they like.

I'm thinking of asking a couple people who currently host blogs on to move their blog to

Would this hurt me or help me in terms of SEO? I think it helps, because I am basically get free, constant-updated content from people without having to pay them (I may offer a small prize for the best blog of the month).

The blogs will be about the same topic as the main theme of my website. But of course, given the nature of blogs, there will be some irrelevant content here and there.

Is there any SEO drawback to this plan? If I end up hosting a blog which already has a huge archive of articles, would my site be penalized for having duplicate content, even though the archive is removed from

Do search engines generally like blog content, is it treated the same as any other content on your website?

I think blogspot's blogger software creates static html pages that search engines can digest, but I may be wrong.