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    I am very new at this XML stuff and would like to have someone spoon feed me on how to insert XML code on one of my web pages. Do I need to make changes with my host or what? I have tried just pasting the code in my editor and nothing works..

    Remember, I have zip programmimg skills, so please sppon it to me if this is a reasonable request.. I click on these orange xml buttons and get a page of code.... How do I install it and use it?

    Thanks in advance

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    You need some other script to pull the feed - most people use either php or perl. It's similar to what Amazon has. You either need to write one up yourself or try some rss reader/parser - Magpie has a php parser that you can load onto your site and read rss code.


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    RSS-xpress Lite

    I don't understand exactly how it works cause I am not extremely literate in the whole process...but basically you put in the url of the feed you want and it creates a line of javascript that you can copy/paste to your site. It has worked for me so far with no cost...they also have a fairly large list of available channels/feeds, though I have found none that would be useful for me yet!
    Hope it helps ya out.

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