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    Unhappy Is There Some Trick to generate product links?
    I have never been able to get the LS 'individual product' link generator to work for a large merchant (say over 1000 products). Should try to "wing it"? and build my own link? Im only talking about grabbing a few products at most, so getting a database is not really a solution.

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    The product link generator is kind of dicey.

    If a merchant supports a datafeed, chances are they have some link-building formula that you can use given a SKU, and that should work.
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    Exclamation better yet . . .
    try this:

    to make just a few product links in LS.

    don't try to do all of the operations in LS in the first place. log in, go to the merchant's links area and click on the advanced product link generator as usual.


    when you go to get a page url from the merchant, open a separate browser window and get the merchant's product page url from that. not just by going to the merchant page as shown in LS.

    then plug it into the link maker in LS and you should be able to generate a link that is usable in about an hour.

    this problem was driving me nutz until I tried doing it this way.

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    Herb Կ -

    I'm a little late to the party have found the trick - this is usually the first thing I suggest when our partners are running into this issue.

    For some reason the merchant page that is wrapped by the LinkBuilder functionality does not display the correct landing page URL info.

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    I found while using this technique yesterday that it doesn't always work . . . was making some links into

    so you still have to wait the usual hour after making the link to make real sure it is going to work.

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