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    vpscolo questions
    I decided to go with this host. But everytime I call to ask questions about their hosting plans, they tell me that I need to speak to the owner and when I call he is not in. Now I am concerned about tech support. They say that he is the only one who can take sales related questions because they do not have a sales team. Do they really have the amount of manpower to handle multiple accounts?

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    Have you called at different times of the day? Who answers the phone, do they sound professional or is it a spouse or child of the owner?

    My gut instinct tells me this is a small time operation, the owner might be at his/her regular job and doesn't have time to dedicate to tech support.


    They could be a small company that's growing fast and don't have enough employees to handle the fast growth. It might be a chance to get in the door of a future big time company.

    No way to know...
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    go to ... support is excellent... cost reasonable.. I've been with them 12 months best move I've made to date......

    when you call them they usually have answer.. although they perfer email support... as do I

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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