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    Important Messages : whats the purpose?
    Please excuse if I sound too ignorant about this one, but there seems to be a folder 'Important Messages' under 'your folders' in the CJ mailbox. Does anyone receive anything here? I am always amused as to what purpose does it serve (excuse me, once again). All the so called important e-mails and the opt-in ones always seem to fall to the regular address, and the inbox usually contains the ones telling that such n such merchants have rejected my application or some 'new Ubid creatives '.
    Though, I'd like to see some important messages as well, Mr. CJ .

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    U wish U knew
    I don't know what it's for?, but I just clicked 'delete' and now mine's gone

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    I've never received any messages there but use that folder a great deal. When merchants send broadcast annoucements, CJ deletes them after a certain period of time. If there is something I want to keep, I move it there so it won't get deleted.
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