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    Yahoo Directory Worth It?
    Is the Yahoo directory still worth it? I have a site I'm thinking of enterinig. It's not a commerce site, but I make some decent money with adsense. I'm wondering if anyone has a content site in the Yahoo directory -- do you get decent traffic from the Yahoo link? I'm thinking that if I could get 10 visitors a day from it, it would at least probably pay for itself.

    Does Google disvalue the Yahoo directory link because it's paid for? Does Yahoo give you any more of a boost in the regular SERPS because of it?

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    are they still charging several hundred dollars for quick inclusion? seems to me I remember some other posts here about that, none of which were positive.

    or it may have been something similar but why pay for what may come down the street for free later.

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    It's very easy to make money out of a listing in Yahoo.. Price is high, but the right listings pay for themselves over and over again..

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    No, I have a Yahoo listing that generates only a tiny, tiny fraction of traffic. The Yahoo directory is dead and has been for some time.
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    Being in the Yahoo directory was once a "sure thing," but now
    it's usually a waste of time. As noted, there are still some
    categories where a listing may drive enough activity to be
    worth the "paid submission" price tag. (As near as I can tell,
    free submissions are simply not considered.)

    There are a couple of problems with Yahoo Directory.
    First is the fact that Yahoo itself is steering people away
    from the directory and toward "search." Second is the
    staleness of the data -- there are listings in the Yahoo
    Directory that went 404 five years ago and yet they are
    still listed. A listing in DMOZ is far more effective at
    driving traffic (though very few folks will be buying
    cars with the earnings even from a "perfect" listing in

    I continue to draw a very modest amount of traffic from
    several Yahoo Directory listings that pre-date paid submissions,
    and I also continue to draw modest traffic from one listing
    that I paid $199 to submit (it paid for itself many times over
    -- but if I had paid today to add it, it would never earn back
    the fee).

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    I think Dynamoo nailed it - the Yahoo Directory used to be great, getting listed there was almost a guarantee to good traffic flow. Not so much these days, unless you just get lucky.

    Yahoo's paid inclusion fiasco also left a bad taste in my mouth...


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    I've had about 26 uniques from Yahoo! directory since listing around Aug. 1 but it could of gone live a day or two later. Still not worth the money unless I get a few conversions. It's a waiting game, we'll see. I'll try to keep people posted on results, although it probably won't be noticed until after the next google PR update.


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