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    Are Bizrate & PriceGrabber Affiliate sites?
    I have searched their content but I don't find any affiliate links or codes in their product links. Are they both still affiliate sites? If not how do they get their content? Do they ask it from the merchants?

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    BizRate's a PPC site now. Merchants upload their feeds...and then pay for every curiosity click! That screen isn't obvious; you have to put in some info as if you want to sign up as a merchant, then the next screen has it.

    I just gave PriceGrabber a quick look now, and they're a lot more open about it. There's a link near the top right that says "Sell Yours!" If you click that, and then pick "how to sell" from the nav on the left (ignoring the main part of the screen), you get to:

    According to that, it's a per-sale setup, but with a twist: You have to trust their tracking, and they set the commission rate. And the commish isn't too straightforward, either: $1 + 4.75% of purchase price (including shipping!). Whether that'd be a good deal depends on the price of the item...

    There seems to be some other option for merchants with "lots to sell," but you have to have them contact you for that info, and I don't want to get their salespeople bugging me.
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