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    Whats your favorite gadget or toy or anything that you bought using IM money, and also ur favorite overall? I posted a similar thread on a poker forumr (and another IM forum) and we all had a blast gloating, hopefully it will be the same here

    Ill start, my favorite IM gadget is a GPS, spent 500 bucks on it and it is awesome.. as long as u listen to it. I had an argument with the GPS voice with a passenger in the car... one of the most interesting situations i have ever found myself in.

    Favorite overall is the laptop i am writing this on, its a Compaq R3000Z, spent 800 bucks on it, so its not top of the line by any means.. but it makes so much possible.

    So, how bout y'all?

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    March 25th, 2005
    Pet Rock

    No but, my girlfriend and I just purchased a boat which we really love. Especially since I can fish more often now

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    Home theater front projector.

    Jet ski comes in close second.

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