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    February 8th, 2005
    Co-branded pages/malls question
    I have peeked out the co-branded page that WebSponsors provides, but it does not appear to be matching up with my customization. I think there is a bug, or something. However, I like the idea. I also like the co-branded mall pages/sites I have seen, but never tried. I also ran into this artdotcom/tivadotcom affiliate site generator - any reviews?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an affiliate program (advertiser/merchant) that offers a co-branded site/page, and one that pays, and is reliable?
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    Mall generator
    I am looking for a system to generate an online shopping mall and handle all the affiliate links and merchant logos etc. I would like to be able to customize it as well - e.g. skins, directory.

    Any suggestions for a database driven generator tool?

    Thanks in advance.

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