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1. $909
2. $905
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911HealthShop now carries Xango Mangosteen Juice! Xango sold more product in its first year than Pepsi did in its 35th year! The special running right now is "Buy 4 For the Price of 3!" or you can play off of "Buy 3 Get 1 Free".

Either way, it's the lowest price anyone can buy Xango for on the Net. In addition, Xango is THE mangosteen juice on the market. Competition is practically nill for the product and is unmatched. Every sale for the past 3 weeks have always been at $100 MINIMUM!

Login to interface and click on "Campaigns". Choose the one listed there and you will land on page 1 of creatives. Click onto page 9 and use the last text link at bottom for Xango.


Code: save5
5% off $75 purchase

Code: save10
10% off $150 purchase

Code: save15
15% off $300+ purchase

Promote Xango with any of these coupon codes and YOU will be the lowest price on the Internet for this product GUARANTEED! 911HealthShop will not be posting these coupons on the site so they will even be higher priced than you!

Please post this statement regarding 911HealthShop coupons:

Limited to one coupon use per customer, household, and e-mail address. Customers may redeem only one coupon per promotion period. Any attempts to use more than one coupon code multiple times will be voided upon final processing of the order. Orders may also be delayed further if this should happen.

Please make sure your customers understand that coupon codes are case sensitive and must be entered at the time of checkout. Coupon codes can not be honored after an order has been completed.

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