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    Suggestion for LS
    This may have been covered in another thread, but why does LS show our social security numbers in our profiles? It seems much better to hide the numbers using ********** like other companies do. With all the push for security that LS seems to be doing and with all the concern about identity theft these days what possible value is it to have that information visible to anyone who happens to view an affiliate's account?

    If LS is hacked into or has a rogue employee, it could cause affiliates a lot of problems if our social security numbers are so easy to see.

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    Good observation.

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    If LS is hacked, our SSNs are not important at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by concorde
    If LS is hacked, our SSNs are not important at all.
    How do you figure that? Not all hackers try to bring down a system...some do it precisely to steal info like that.
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