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    August 6th, 2005
    Question WM Consultants / templates

    I'm new to WM and was hoping to find a number of 4 level templates and or some consultants who are good with developing templates that do well in organic SE ranking.

    I did a search on templates in the WM site and turned up a consultant page but it seems most of them were off line. Any recommended source of templates or consultants for WM development. As a small 1 person developing company, I've got a limited monthly budget but I don't mind spending it for several months to create an effect multi-url group using datafeeds.

    Any suggestions?



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    August 2nd, 2005
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    I thought template websites did not get crawled by SE's at all. I think that's a pretty noob question, but I have always thought that.

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    Oh, we have a great many customers who tell us otherwise, C.Whyte.

    Random, sorry to hear the folks on our Consultants page haven't bitten yet. Hopefully one of the regulars here will take you up on your offer.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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    January 17th, 2005
    I would be interested in helping you out. You can contact me at info -at- dflsports DOT com


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    I actually hadn't contacted any of them by email yet.

    I did attempt to go to their websites and Henry Lair, intelle-search's site is off line. He did have a nice phrase describing the work I'm looking for:
    "We design templates for use with Web Merge that feature excellent organic search engines results and sales."
    In fact, his whole description was what I'm interested in.

    And Ash Nallawalla - SEM911, on his website, says that he's not taking on more clients.

    And, thanks dflsports - I'll drop you an email.

    I'm guessing what we all are attempting to do is too competitive to have a resource section that holds a variety of template examples. But, since I'm new, I thought I'd ask.

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    Sorry, can't help being too busy. The samples included with one of the celebrated tutorials listed at the top of the page are indeed very crawlable. Of course you can make the results more clickable.

    That isn't the current problem for affiliates. The problem is Google, which is removing a lot of "thin affiliate" pages for lack of original content. One of my Betty Mills sites had over 8000 pages indexed but lately it is down to about 4000.


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