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    To "Draw Attention" or not....that is the question
    This is the way I did for many web sites. I personally tested different AdSense strategies, this one drives people crazy about clicking on AdSense.

    Step 1. You create a top 10 list, I usually name it '10 top bla-bla web sites' (bla-bla stands for the name of the niche your web site works in).

    Step 2. You put AdSense into this top 10, but special type of AdSense design - they look like headlines, just a line of text with words, nothing more.

    TIP: you can stuff all 10 lines with AdSense, I usually put 3-5 AdSense for 10 'top web sites'.

    ONE MORE TIP: No matter how you name the top 10, it can be even like 'Google portfolio of relevant web sites', any way you wish. The idea is just to give fresh alternative to 80% of web sites that show only dull AdSense that are clicked less and less these days.

    So, the scheme works like crazy, those who are searching the web for something, will surely look through top 10. You do not cheat anybody, the web sites are relevant (this is Google job) and you get Google checks monthly.

    Use it. It works.
    I've read a couple of post today that are sending me some mixed information, and I would like to know what everyone else thinks.....

    The quote above was posted here today, and it sounded like a good idea, untill I read the replys below it.....everyone was saying that you can not draw attention to you google adsense ad in any shape form or fashion, then I read the post below

    I've been displaying images just above my adsense ads because it draws attention to them and makes a huge impact on CTR. This use to work great because I had a 768x60 banner and it would always display 4 ads. Lately Google has been randomly switching between 3 and 4 ads though and it has really dropped my CTR because the images no longer line up. Is there anyway I can detect how many ads are being displayed (presumably with javascript) so I can turn on the right number of images?
    Is it or is it not ok to bring attention to your adsense ads? I'm new to this and I just got started with adsense so I want to make sure that what I do is the right thing.....Can someone please help me out with guys probley don't have a doubt in the world if this can be done or not, but I do!!


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    I'm not sure if Google doesn't allow those tactics, but here's a link to optimization tips that Google recommends. They do work.

    Hope that helps!


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