Hey. Need some help here.

Checking my logs and find an unusual number of requests that open the page and close it immediately.

Copied the request into my browser (firefox) and get this message:

444 script or action blocked
The requested URL /category.php?category=xxx%20xxx%20xxx contains a script or action that has has been deteremined unsafe. It has been disabled to prevent abuse.

This server protected by: SecurePHPx
Apache/1.3.33 Server at (url removed) Port 80

The SecurePHPx is hyperlinked to a blog that looks like it belongs to a hacker or some other unsavory type.

There are no scripts or actions that are unsafe contained in any of my pages. I use this db template to make lots of sites with no such problems on any of the others (I think ?).

I searched the forums here for some explanation with zero results. I googled the term (444 script or action blocked) and found 15,700 return results. All have the same (or very similar) message as I quoted above.

Seems like the %20 portion of the url is what is tripping the 444.

What's up with this? Have I missed something important?

Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated.