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    Backcountry Batches past 9th?
    Has anyone seen batch sales in the Backcountry stores showing up past the 9th? That's my last one.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I just checked BC Outlet and the last batch update was on the 14th. Just check the merchant info page to see when the batches were done.

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    Batches are fubar...

    This past weekend, Commission Junction deployed a series of upgrades and enhancements in the first phase of a two-part Reporting Initiative. At this time upgrades are still being implemented and you might be experiencing intermittent instability and/or reporting delays in the CJ Account Manager. There are also some delays importing advertisersí batch files and exporting report files to advertisers and publishers.~excerpt from CJ's latest notice
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    I have a couple sales showing from BCS and BCO, both batched on the 14th. Other than that, nothing for the entire upgrade period, when we should be seeing 5-10 sales/day. I think they managed to slip one partial batch in, but that's it.

    I spoke yesterday with another batching merchant who said CJ is not accepting their uploads, nor responding to their support requests.

    Sales for non-batch merchants appear to be within their normal ranges.

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    I had some (about $150.00) as soon as I could access the new stats, then about 1 1/2 hours later they all disapeared from my reports and they have not resurfaced yet.
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