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    FortuneCity Network Selects PriceRunner........
    for Comparison Shopping Solution; Newly Launched US Comparison Shopping Site to Reach Nearly Four Million Consumers Through FortuneCity Network

    First thing I am wondering is if the links on PriceRunner will continue to affiliate links since ValueClick now owns them.

    Second is if PriceRunner doesn't change it's model and continues to operate as an affiliate, how do people feel about this?

    I have to wonder if PriceRunner would have been able to garner the FortuneCity contract if ValueClick's name hadn't been behind it. What other such deals will we likely be seeing in the future?

    How are affiliate's supposed to compete against their Network?

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    Pricerunner as an affiliate is a mix of all network merchants, CJ huge database of feeds and a integration of all players with XLM and CVS feeds. The ultimate scraper and aggregrator of data mined shopper habits wrapped up into a plug-in-play comparision shopping portal. Master plan is to operate this as a branded Super Affiliate so the VC network provides CPC -CPM -CPA - SEO/SEM via PPCSE placement to merchants, while draining commissions and keyword fees with Price Grabber clone shops. Talk about circling your wagons. What's next a consolidation of BHO's into one Super B-a-HO under the VC umbrella??
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