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    OH OH - Perfx jumps in the game next...
    Looks like Performics is at it now. Just got this:

    "Performics is Excited to Announce the Next Generation of ConnectCommercesm

    Based on feedback received from ConnectCommerce (CC) users over the past several months, we've improved the system to include several new features and a new look and feel. On August 29, CC will be unveiled with many great benefits. Highlights include:

    All Dressed Up (New Look and Feel) - more intuitive navigation and a better organized workflow
    Parlez Vous Franηais? (Language Specific Interface) - introducing four new languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish
    Help Me, Rhonda (Online Help) - topic specific help with a comprehensive help index available throughout the site
    Watch for more details soon and a sneak preview of the new interface!"

    I'd love to say that ANY improvement there is an improvement, hope it doesn't turn ugly. ;-)

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    It really must be the season for it as at the affiliate network we have commenced work on our management area upgrade this month.

    We started the planning for it around February this year and canvassed our affiliates for features they would like.

    Its now August and we are only just putting the first things together behind the scenes. Best not to rush something as important as the main interface for our affiliates ( least thats what I think anyway )

    What will come next is extensive IP specific beta testing with a ( a good cross sectional representation of our larger pool of affiliates ) - by using IP we keep the main body free from any problems and have the ability to switch old and new off and on for the guys and girls who have volunteered to help shape their network.

    It might be ready in maybe 2-3 months and I am excited - main aims are to add some mature features without losing any speed or functionality.

    Cant believe some of the half arsed attempts at upgrades recently in the US and UK - I really dont think beta groups ever got near some of them and one seems to still be ironing out big kinks in a live enviroment which for a multi million pound company is highly laughable.

    When we have completed the upgrade ill invite some ABW'ers to come have a look round and give it the once over - we dont do things by halves so ill be expecting it to be the global leader in terms of speed , functionality and intelligence - thats the tech guys heads in the noose now then and my reputation on the line :-)

    I think its bed time now before I drag anyone else in

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    If anyone is due an upgrade to their interface, it is PFX.

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    It reminds me of the old question that's supposed to be rhetorical: "If someone told you all to jump off a bridge, would you?"

    Only all the networks said "YES!"--and then jumped!

    PFX does need a better interface. Unfortunately, their changes never seem to result in improvement. They just replace one piece of impossible-to-navigate junk with another. The backend may indeed change, but it's as if the same designer does the user interface on all of them...
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    I find it strange that everytime CJ does anything, Performics does it as well.. downtime, interface changes.. are we sure these are seperate companies ?

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