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    #1 in Google?
    I own a domain that is similar to, in that it is a 2-word phrase that is searched nearly 400,000/month according to overture. This is a very common term so my question is this:

    How easy, or difficult will it be to get the #1 listing in Google, Yahoo, MSN when this phrase (that matches my site exactly) is searched?

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    That depends on a lot of things! In short:

    Competition for the phrase
    Your SEO skills
    Your links in--quality, quantity, and anchor text

    And how your SEO and links stack up to the competition's.

    Also note that the algos are a bit different for each engine, so it's possible to be #1 in one and nowhere to be found in the others. Which ones are which depends on which algos are in synch with what you've got!
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    It depends on everything Leader mentioned here. If you want to maintain this phrase for a long period of time, you need to become an authority on the subject. This means most smaller sites on the subject need to be linking to you. Even some of the larger related sites need to link to you. This sort of link stabilitiy is hard to come by and requires a strong establishment that's been online for at least a few years.

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    Don't depend on one keyword phrase, build pages using many keyword phrases that are relevant to your site.
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    Yeah most of the two word keyterms that are searched alot are terrible performers. I have one "Discount Keyword" and the conversions are very very very small. Its better to have "fifty" 4 word keywords than a 2 keyword at number 1. Also overture is very misleading, they include the plural forms of the keyword as the singular form. For instance "Online Coupon" was at the top and performed very poorly and the term "Online coupons" did way better, even though overture states the keyword "online coupon" is searched many times, its actaully "online coupons" is searched many times

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    And I'd add: Get as many links as you can pointing back to your site with those key-phrases as the anchor text - from relevant sites...You could buy some text links also, that might help, but it can be costly.

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