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    The GoldenCAN Idea.
    This is what I think about GoldenCAN, and why I like the GoldenCAN Idea.

    Let's say that it's the middle of the year and that you want to open your own superstore, but you don't have all the money, or all the time required in order for you to open your new superstore before the shopping season gets here. So what do you do?

    Here comes a guy that say's this to you:

    I'm going to make you an offer today, that will enable you to be able to have your own superstore fully equipped and stuffed with all the products you need or want in less than one hour from now, and since you already have the license (website) to sell all those products, it won't cost you one cent out of your pocket in order to maintain your superstore updated with all the latest products and discount coupons available, I will take care of all of those details for you.

    And then you say: "it sounds good but what's the catch?"

    So the guy reply:

    Yes, there is a small catch, but before I tell you what it's, just think about all the time and money that it would cost you if you were to do everything that I am willing to do for you for free, and compare it to if you do it all by yourself.

    This is the catch!

    You will use your own license (website) to open your own superstore anywhere you like, your main responsibility will be to make sure that you open your new superstore in a good neighborhood, and that you take care of all of the advertisement you need, in order to get the new customers to your new superstore, the more you advertise your superstore, the more visitors to your superstore that you will get and then, the more products you may be able to sell at your new superstore site.

    The only thing that I want in return for my services is, that for every four (4) new visitors that go to your new superstore, I will keep all the commission from any sale that is made from every fourth visitor that goes to your new superstore and buy's anything.

    So in plain English, if the first three visitors to visit your superstore buy something and the forth visitor don't buy nothing, you're going to make money on those three sales and I will not make a cent, and if the next fourth visitor that go to your superstore, only the first three buy something and the forth one don't buy anything, then you will have made commission money on six sales and I will get nothing again.

    But, before you get too excited just think about this too, the opposite can happen, and your first three visitors may be just browsing and don't buy anything, while your forth visitor may decide to buy, and your next three visitors may be just browsing too and don't buy anything, and your next forth visitor may decide to buy too, so now I would be the one making any commission money on those two visitors, while you had not made any money on any of those new eight visitors that have enter your superstore for the first time.

    That is the only catch, so take it, or leave it!

    I will do all the work for you, and I will keep any commission money that any of your forth visitor might generate, or talk to your merchant so they pay for the tool, or you can do all the work by yourself, and keep it all for yourself, so good luck.


    I like the GoldenCAN Idea.

    I have seen a few people complaining that GoldenCAN is keeping 25% of our commission money, I don't see it that way.


    While it's true that, GoldenCAN will overwrite the fourth click with his own affiliate code, it looks like we're going to lose 25% of our commission money but, some how I don't see it that way.

    This is what I believe so far about using the GoldenCAN tool.

    If I use the GoldenCAN tool to send a total of 100 visitors to the best converting merchant out there today, and if only 75 of those 100 visitors buy anything, I can easily see myself making 100% commission and GoldenCAN not making any money with any of those 100 visitors, I can also see GoldenCAN making 100% commission on only 25 of those 100 visitors and me not making a single penny from any of those 100 visitors too.

    Since we all know that every visitor that goes to any website don't become a buyer on the first visit, I can't see why I have to worry that much about GoldenCAN overwriting the fourth click with his own affiliate code.

    There are hundred's of parasites out there stealing many of our clicks everyday and doing a lot of damage to our pockets daily, and without any benefit to us, so I don't take the fourth click thing as a big threat after considering all the free benefits that the GoldenCAN tool is providing us to use for free and with just one line of code, and the extra benefit that once we have that code on our pages, we don't have to mess with those pages again if we decide to make some changes, or if the merchant decide to add or remove some products from their store.

    Don't get me wrong, I too would like all the merchants that use GoldenCAN to pay for this service, because it's a good benefit for many merchants and the merchants that use GoldenCAN are bound to have more sales with this tool if more of their affiliates use the GoldenCAN store Integration tool to promote them, but on the mean time, I will still use any new merchant that I like if they show up on GoldenCAN, regardless of if they pay for the service or I if have to share the fourth click with GoldenCAN.

    This is a note for any merchant that is using or is planning on using the GoldenCAN tool, as long as you're the only one with one particular category in there, I don't think that you have to worry too much about paying GoldenCAN for the tool benefits, or for leaving your affiliates to deal with the fourth click dilemma for themselves. But, just be aware that if any other merchant with the same or similar category to yours decide to pay for the tool and give it away free to his affiliates, your sales might drop a bit, once the free alternative is known.

    I don't know about the future, but as of today, all I can say about the GoldenCAN tool is that all the benefits that I see so far, outweigh any of the small details that are present now.

    So go ahead and give GoldenCAN a try today.


    Disclaimer: I don't know GoldenCAN, I didn't make this post to brown-nose GoldenCAN, I have not even made a sale with this tool yet, I only make this post because I see the possibilities that this tool may bring to the affiliate marketing business and I like what I see so far. And while I am not making any money from this post, the possibility that one of my merchants read this post exist, and if that happen, and anyone of them decide to use GoldenCAN after reading this post, and I start to make more money with them later, then, good for me, I deserve it.

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    I like the idea of this tool but there are some things i think are holding it back a bit, i'm still testing it out.

    Product search using multiple merchants. I type in muppets dvd, no muppet dvds show up. DVD players, DVDs for other stuff show up. That needs to be worked on.

    I think merchants should start paying for it because i think 25% and a link is too much. I think GoldenCan would make more money if they worked on that in the sense of volume. More people would try it out if it didn't take such a big chunk.

    Also i think it's too much since you already need traffic for this to work or have to pay for traffic, unlike other tools that are free and can actually help you get traffic, Akiva's PSC.

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    I like Akiva's work very much and have proposed it all over the place.

    GoldenCAN works differently and is just as useful, although the lack of any SEO help must be taken into consideration when developing a page.

    But for merchants to be more eager to opt into subsidizing GoldenCAN for us they'll have to see some results.

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    "But for merchants to be more eager to opt into subsidizing GoldenCAN for us they'll have to see some results."

    That's how they're going to see the results. Not the other way around.

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