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    Exclamation New here but am I the only one seeing this obvious problem?
    Hi everyone!

    Excuse me for this negative post given that I have only just joined Share-a-Sale and this forum, but I have been doing business online for over 7 years now and when something bothers me, due to it costing me excessive time & effort and may be causing others serious financial loss, I believe I should bring it to people's attention.

    After spending the last couple of days joining programs and preparing and uploading my promotional pages, I did what I always do and tested my links then checked the source code on the merchant sites...guess what?

    The MAJORITY of them had NO TRACKING of the Affiliate ID and in fact they had either totally DROPPED the ShareSale program or worse, were promoting some OTHER program like CJ or AssocTrac etc etc!

    I would hate to think how many affiliates there are that have been and still are blindly driving to these merchants, whom must be smiling their backsides off.

    Got to say that since then I visit every potential merchant site listed here and check their source code first and also verify that they list Share-a-Sale as their affiliate program.

    So the RSS feed solution to offline merchants may solve one problem but should affiliates be expected to have to check EVERY site out here, before registering with that merchant?

    I's love to be told that I've got the wrong end of the stick here but if need be I can show you a couple of glaring examples of what I'm referring too.


    David Bowden

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    If they are not at shareasale then the links will not work.

    Are you talking about offline merchants? If they are offline it tells you in the interface and the links will not follow through to the merchants site. Please clarify what your concerns are about.

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    You're probably missing a couple things:

    1) Many merchants run affiliate programs on multiple networks. Just because they list a different network on their site doesn't mean they don't use SAS as well.

    2) How are you checking to make sure they're tracking the affiliate ID? Cookies on the merchant site? Some track that way, but most use an even simpler method. The network sets a cookie, then the checkout confirmation page displays a 1x1 sale tracking image from the network. If the network cookie is present, the network records the sale. You wouldn't see that unless you did a test order.

    If you have concerns about specific merchants, you might want to contact SAS and have them check it out.

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    First off, welcome to our community
    Not sure what methods you are using, but SAS is about the most proactive and honest affiliate network out there.
    I would suggest you contact them with any concerns. I am sure that Brian or one of his people can address them and relieve your worries.
    Keep in mind, if the affiliate does not get paid, SAS does not get paid. Some would argue that this is not a big deal on CJ and LS since their fees are so high. This is not the case with SAS. Brian is going to make damn sure he gets paid for sales occuring through SAS links. His livlihood depends on it.

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    At least 50% of the SAS merchants are not even remotely related to being actual customer fulfillment merchants. They are just normal affiliates, drop shipping middlemen, info scraping brokers and in some cases just traffic re-directors. There is no crap filter on a merchant's application into the 1st tier of SAS. Only requirement is 50.00. Now their Preferred merchant offerings are the only ones required a smell test. Their claim to fame is they do boot BHO's and reported cookie stuffers.

    I'm sure Brian is kept busy finding Adware/Spyware installers and privacy info peddlers constantly sneaking past his merchants initial screening... then throwing up re-directs links, traffic diversion links, Adwords and Azoogle Ad blocks, drive-by install pops once the site goes live. What can he expect when the entry fee is less then 5 minutes of PPCSE fees for the wanks there posing as merchants.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    Welcome to ABW

    I manage a merchants site and we have both an independent program NOT listed anywhere on our site + SAS.

    If you reach our site via an affiliate of our independent program you are and will always be MARKED as coming from that affiliate. Coming from an SAS affiliate in the future will not track via SAS. That works in reverse as well. We took great pains to eliminate the double cookie issue.

    Brian is busy so I'd suggest asking your question by writing to
    Michael or David should be able to answer if you give them enough information.

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    Hello David,

    Welcome to ABW

    I understand what you are saying, They appear to still be on SAS but have left SAS and are now using another network or program tracking. I have seen this similar before.

    Contact SAS support with the merchants in question and he will let you know quick the Last Compliance Test, etc.

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    Hi All,

    My ISP has been having problems so been offline most of the day.

    Thanks for the responses and feedback...I'll wait for a response to my emails from Brian before commenting more.

    I'm wondering whether the fact that so many people these days run in their browsers in BLOCK COOKIE mode, that there is much benefit in promoting any programs that still rely on this method?

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