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    Looking back at my payment history at CJ I see I received my very first payment from them on Sept. 1, 2001 for a whopping $27.00. I had one site and just a few merchants links. It took me took me five months to hit the $25 threshold.

    Boy, have things changed. I'd be upset now if I made $25 a day. I now have over 75 affiliates sites that have brought in commissions this year (not all CJ merchants). Now if I could just find the time to develop the other 100+ that I own. I've come to realize there is a certain point where it becomes very difficult to build new sites when old sites need my time to update all the time.

    So, there is a message here to all you newbies. Hang in there, build, build, build, optimize, trade links, etc. It WILL pay off but you have to be patient.
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    That's weird,
    I remember that's about the time I started really getting into affiliate marketing... a few months before...
    I got layed off my job... I was dabbling in promoting those paid email websites, lol.
    I found I was good at that, but I was scared of real affiliate marketing because I thought it was all a scam.
    I still remember, right when I started to really make OK money with promoting cell phones... then 911 attacks happened in New York City...

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