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    Specific categories with multiple merchants
    This information may be listed somewhere but I am not seeing it.

    Is is possible to have a store with multiple merchants but only a specific category for all the merchants?

    For example, let's say I want to use 3 merchants but only want to show candles or shoes. Is there any way to have just those categories showing, so I could have just a one page site?

    I's like to do theme specific pages, added to sites I have already but want to stay within a specific theme.


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    There is no feature like this available at this moment on GoldenCAN but i can understand the value of it. I will see if there can be something like that implimented.

    May be something where you can pick different categories from same or different merchants and have them displayed on one page. will that work?
    Just thinking. May be this will develop in some better shape as i started working on it.


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    Yes! That's exactly what I am looking for

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    Easiest way for this great specific verticle marketing feature to be part of GoldenCan would be to do the following.

    Maybe Map the multiple merchant's handling similar things, like shoes or electronics, would be to filter their individual feed categorie names into a common category/sub-category merged feed. Break shoes out by womens -mens -children then into generic subcategories like Boots ( dressy or casual) sandles, pumps, sneakers, running shoes, golf shoes, hiking boots. It's a pain since each merchant names their own sub-categories.
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