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    Question Hosting, DNS, & Domain Names?
    I am in the process of getting: my own domain name & hosting svc. I thought i had this website equation figured out, but as it turns out, i dont.

    There is a myriad of choices available for hosting and even domain registrars. GoDaddy for both seems to be cheap ($3.99/ domain & $8.95 month/ hosting), i've heard good & bad feedback on this provider. Then their is SimpleHost at $7.95 month - w/free domain, which sounds like a good enough deal. I also now know that when you register a new domain, you cannot transfer till 60 days have passed, which makes me weary of picking a bad provider. And then their is DNS, im not even sure i need to worry about this, but what do i need to know about DNS?

    Any feedback on hosting, dns, domain names, appreciated

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    You can check out to research hosting services, they have reviews listed for each host etc...

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    WHy don't you sign up as an affiliate of globat, then purchase through your own affiliat link. They are an excellant company!

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    "And then their is DNS, im not even sure i need to worry about this, but what do i need to know about DNS? "

    The DNS will be determined by who you host your domain name with..
    (each host has it's own DNS - Domain Name Server)
    They will tell you what it is.. and then you just have to "point" your domain name to that DNS.. which is done through who ever you register your domain with..

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    Quote Originally Posted by affbld
    Any feedback on hosting, dns, domain names, appreciated
    I use godaddy for all my DNS registrations. I've been through about half a dozen registrars over the years and godaddy has had the best management interface and commitment to privacy/quality, which led me to move all my names there.

    This also led me to using their virual dedicated server offering about 4 months ago, and I've been happy with that. I'd expect their other hosting plans are just as good.

    Remember you're buying two separate things here -- the registration of a DNS name and a hosting account. They don't have to be from the same person. No matter what you do, ensure your DNS name is registered in your name and that you have the ability to control which nameservers are used. If you don't like your hosting provider, you can repoint your nameservers somewhere else and host there.

    If your question was more technical in nature, the registrar simply controls the record for your zone in the global servers. Part of this record is the name server, ie the server that will resolve into an IP address. Through your registrar's interface, you can repoint this to any server you want. Your hosting provider will usually give you these addresses and will take care of setting up the specifics.


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