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    Everything Home is now Live at GoldenCAN
    Everything Home is now live at GoldenCAN

    With one line of code you can display thousands of Everything Home products, Categories, Recent Price Drop Products and a Search box on your website.

    Click here to apply for Everything Home program if you are not yet a member of Everything Home affiliate program.

    Click here to see a sample of Store Integration

    Click here to see a sample of Coupon Integration.

    If you have already created a store, coupon or search integration for multiple merchants, donít forget to add in your existing Integration.


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    Well my Furniture pages get to take a short break from a GC makeover. Guess my Home accessories and Kitchenware sections will get a GC add-in. Nice tool for shopping typical home interior items from coffee makers to decor items.
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    Hi All,

    Can any of you who grab the feed from GC drop me a PM please to let me know. I'd like to see it in action!

    Also, if you decide to sign-up with the EverythingHome program a PM will help get your application approved fast.


    EverythingHome Partner Manager

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