If you are doing blogs, you must be sure you are doing them right. Otherwise why spending your time and efforts on useless things?

The steps below will work like a blood test examination for your blog, telling you if you have problems with the 'health' of your blog, whether your blog works the way it should.


Just as there are different types of blood, there are different types of blogs. As each type should serve its purpose, you must know what type of blog you have (want to make) before making any further steps with this blog.

Blog Type 1: Customer Relations Blog. Blogs that show others the 'personality' of your business. Blogs are really good in building strong relationships with customers. But this type of blog needs interacting with customers, answering questions, providing useful tips - you must be constantly 'talking' to your clients. This is not an easy task, but your credibility will grow immensely.

Blog Type 2: Sales Blog. These blogs show the features and benefits of your product/service to the customer. You can do less interaction with client, but you must draw a detailed picture of your business, why people should use its products, and why they will be the best with your product/service. Explain discounts, run incentives, make polls, etc.

Blog Type 3: Personal Web Journal Blogs. The idea of these blogs has some Internet marketing viral touch. People can post anything they wish on your blog. They get the space for sharing their thoughts, you get traffic to your blog. The chance to be heard is a good motivation indeed.

If you already have a blog, do the test to learn what kind of blog you have. After you know the type of your blog you got (want to make), make some good thinking: is this blog making what it should make?

For example, if you want to get publicity and grow your personal credibility with a blog, you shouldn't stuff this blog with details and full 3-scroll-down-page price list of your offers. If you want to get more traffic, better make a blog where people will have full freedom in posting their thoughts. They don't need your features'n'options, they'd better like having more categories for discussion. Focus on the things that are really crucial for your type of blog. Don't try to mix all types into one blog. There are millions of blogs in the world. If you try to put everything into one piece, you may get something odd looking and non-functional.