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    Does this sound like a sound plan?
    A newbie seeking advice, I am.


    I am a distributor for a niche product line that is tailored for helping homeowners protect their homes from water damage caused by defective appliances, air conditoners, and plumbing leaks. I have a web site that sells these products online retail. I have dealers who buy these products from me wholesale and sell them retail. They may be plumbers, HVAC repair companies, hardware stores, etc.

    I am also a home inspector that does inspections for people when they buy or sell their home. As such many homes that I see are candidates for sales of my products. I have a separate web site that promotes my services. This week I will be installing links from my home inspection web site to my product web site.

    My plan:

    Part 1: Become a merchant thru one of the networks (currently considering SAS). I would then do some direct marketing to other home inspectors around the country that have web sites to become affilliates. It is unlikely that other HI would want to be come stocking dealers but they very may well be interested in becoming an affiliate since it would not involve inventory or any hassel on their part. I have access to several sources of email addresses for they folks. I will also then expand to plumbers and HVAC contractors to solicit them to become affiliates. If professional affiliates want to become an affiliate for me, that's fine too but I may not be that great of an income stream for them since it is a niche product.

    Part 2: Since there are certainly many products that are complementary to mine in the home protection/home improvement arena, I will become an affiliate for those merchants. If I get someone to my product site they may be interested in other products whether or not they elect to purchase my products.

    So, does the above sound reasonable? What are the pitfalls that may bite me? What could I do that would be a better approach?


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    One issue with my own plan is that the web sites of the people that I am targeting are not made with affiliate marketing in mind. They may have been created by pros or homegrown or made from templates provided by business associations (i.e. my home inspector side is template driven from a company that specializes in sites for realtors, appraisors, and home inspectors). Is it easy to have creatives that are very easy to be integrated into these types of non-pro affiliates?

    Thanks again,

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    It all sounds fine to me, but if you want affiliates to send traffic to your product site you will want to keep it free of affiliate links. We will not send traffic to your site if the customer has a chance of buying something through one of your affiliate links that we will not get paid for.
    Make sense?

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    OK, I (actually my webmaster) can arrange that no affiliate links show up on my product site when a customer comes to my product site thru an affiliate.

    We also have a tol free number on our product site so I need to handle the case where a customer comes to my product site from an affiliate and chooses to phone in the order. I will have the affiliate ID displayed under my toll free phone number so we can capture the affiliate ID for phone sales. Will that be satisfactory for the affiliates?

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