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    Red face I want Fast Affiliate Link Control center
    I want a fast affiliate link control center guys.

    Yes, I did a search for terms on ABests forums but found
    no relevant information.

    Any help here?

    I want to set up a fast method of finding the marketer I want to promote
    and inserting text/image links into my articles or sites.

    We all need fast access to member sites sometimes right...
    user names, pass codes, text links, image links, etc. right?

    Easy to find info. For fast inserting of the links into web
    pages, emails, etc. or just to swap out in my low ctr to new
    redirect (to new better converting more profitable affilite program) pages.

    Any ideas on making an html or database (excell or other) table structure?

    I use simple controls right now like setting up table headings on an internal
    html page on my hard drive:

    Name, Products, Website, Affiliate home, Links,

    and converted or linked these to external site links, that is, to live links on
    the net.

    But then, I found I needed to essentially make a website residing
    on my hard drive that had pages dedicated to marketers or their programs!

    Now, by having to make additional links to internal pages dedicated to the program or marketers plans...

    I had to kind of make an additional side panel, a TOC, or menu list of links for the programs too....arrrgh!!

    Then of course there's industry themes. Lot's of articles, lots of programs,
    lots of sites and well here's the rub...

    1st there is the sectioning of the programs into industries,
    then alphabetizing, next I have to do cross-referencing
    of products, industries, publishers, advertisers infinitum,
    ad nauseam...ha ha ha (but it's fun, ain't it?).

    Any recommendations that don't cause me to violate product name posting spam rules?

    Or any suggestions on laying out a database or html site structure to be used on my hard drive only would help.

    Any one got the same troubles or possible solutions??

    Maybe I just need a good re-training on organizing and clutter-bustin... my dumb ol head


    To your success,
    p.s. I'd appreciate if you really want to use my ideas here as
    an article you contact me and maybe make me an offer to write
    for you so's, you know maybe we can generate some business...?

    p.p.s. Hope I'm not pushin the envelope here guys on the rules and all...ok?

    p.p.p.s. If you know how, or are a programmer or webmaster
    and there's some slim hope of a new product in your mind here... contact me
    but don't be in a hurry ok? It takes me awhile to get to things sometimes
    but I'll sure bust-it on output when it's time to work.

    Seriously though, these are valid questions and need some good solutions.

    Thanks guys and gals.

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    The only way I can see this working was if there was a universal standard used by merchants to codify their product lines and tables, files, fields for products so they could all be accessed via the same methods. And I don't see that happening anytime soon, if ever.

    Your idea is interesting but the overhead in terms of labor would be prohibitive unless you were dealing with a very specific product niche.

    And that's one of the keystones of AM -- knowing your merchants and their product lines inside and out. It's a major reason I work with limited niches. As in any field it's impossible to know everything, so I chose a few areas in which to become proficient.

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