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    Question Free Datafeeds outside CJ, LS, etc?
    I looked at the list of free datafeeds, and its great!

    But my question is...

    Do any of the larger websites (eg. Dell,,, Circuit City, Best Buy, Staples, etc.) offer free datafeeds outside of their third party affiliate manager (eg. CJ, Linkshare, Performics)??? If so, how do you go about getting these?

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    You can ask the affiliate manager... I've done it a couple of times and had no problems.


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    my experience is mixed..

    some merchants have never considered offering a feed outside of the network be because these same networks have them convinced their way is the only way... these merchants typically are a watse of time trying to convince them they are missin out on sales.. because they always seem to go to the network to confirm what they are being told by the affiliate is true...

    And of coarse the network rep... doent want to look stupid so the deny, deny and deny some more....

    On the other hand their are merchants who are willing to look outside of their box.. for new opportunities to sell thier products.. these are the merchants that will work with you...

    Best advice is ask... if the answer is no.. go find a different merchant who does want to work with you...

    Another thing I have noticed is many merchants especially Shareasale merchants have awful feeds.. the kind if feeds that require a lot of work and extra programing to extract the data and creat pages...


    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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