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    GoogleEarth Screenshots. What Perks Do They Give To Web Site?

    I got over GoogleEarth recently - nice toy

    I also heard many people started to use the screenshots from this tool to show directions to their place and put them on web site.

    Is there any possible way I can earn from Google on people who click these screenshots? Maybe not money, but some traffic from Google. Anything that can be of use...

    Any marketing ideas or your personal experience would be great.

    If you don't wish you share them on the forum, send me PM. I'll try to give you something useful in return

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    August 16th, 2005
    real estate tip
    One tip for real estate resellers. You can say on your web site something like 'Look what an amazing neighborhood. Lawns, riverside, rich neighbors, ...' And you attach real photo pictures like 'that's the way lawn looks not from space, but from your window', etc.

    And you don't cheat people, they see it with their own eyes.

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