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    Is this 1995 or 2005
    So what do you think of the new design. I think it still needs work however it a big improvement of there last one. It seems to me that the most important thing in any affiliate network is a level of support, So I ask why has performics not adopted a web based customer support ticket solution? AFter thier so called amazing upgrade they still use an email link for all customer support witch is a pain in my $##. Come on performics, is this 1995 or 2005?

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    So far I think the update sucks, what I've been able to see of it, since its been extremely slow. It now takes me more clicks to see the info that I want to know - what sales I had today. Making links is still the same primitive system.

    I really can't figure out what has been improved other than the look of some things.
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    I just hope sales will start cresiting in our bank accounts in real time by 2015.

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