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    New Reports & eBay Transactions

    Well at first glance I find the new reporting system highly unintuitive and very complicated. Perhaps these programmers could move on to tackle the United States air traffic control computer system after this.....So far, it has been a long, hard slog.

    Probably what I do the most is log in and see what I sold the previous day. Under the old reporting system, when I had eBay transactions they would display my Tracking ID. How do I get this to appear? I have numerous sites and pages tagged so I can follow this.

    I just wanna see what I sold.....


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    Select the RUN REPORTS tab.




    Under TIME FRAME leave Exact Period selected.

    Change DROP DOWN Box to YESTERDAY.

    Select the EVENT DATE instead of POSTING DATE.

    PUSH the GENERATE REPORT button.

    The report is the same report you used to see before the upgrade, except that you now can run it by EVENT DATE. (The old report would only run by POSTING DATE.) Only it doesn't fit on one screen. You need to use the HORIZONTAL SCROLL at the bottom of the screen to slide over to see SID.

    I assume that's what you're looking for (what you keyed into SID= for tracking purposes).

    Some merchants (not eBay) now give you the SKU of the item sold. So far it shows up for "Item Sale" under Advertiser Action. To see the SKU, click on the Detail link at the end of the individual line.

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    I think the new reports are OK, but they need to streamline them a bit. There is a LOT of clicking around, which as you know increases the load at CJ. And with the slow speeds, they need to reduce the load instead of increasing it. Unless, of course, a lot of new equipment is coming online to help out. They need to do something.

    I also think some of the report terminology needs to be changed. It isn't user friendly.

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