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    How to correlate Transaction Details and Commission Details?
    After upgrade old transaction report split on 2 new.

    After moving transaction from Commission Details to Transaction details ...
    1. ID change (!!!) and no any reference to OLD ID,
    2. SID lost,
    3. Action_type from text change to numeric code,
    4. Order ID Lost and replace on 'adv: nnnn, pub:xxxx, actiontracker:xxx' - ALL 3 values still exist in other fields ('Advertiser_ID', I know my publisher account ID, 'Action_ID')
    5. Value of 'Status' field formally not defined 'STATUS_LOCKED'
    6. Corrected - always No, regardless reversal or not
    7. Click_Date lost
    8. Website_ID lost
    9. Website_Name lost
    10. Ad_ID lost
    11. Sale_Amount=0 in case reversal
    12. Commission=0 in case reversal

    Field 'Corrected' in 'Commission Details' report in case reversal have value equal of 'Commission' field. At old time this field should have number of correcting transaction.

    Time to fix at CJ side or find way how to live in this situation?

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    I would first suggest you use the online "help" and navigate to "transaction reporting" and read through the documentation. If this doesn't answer your questions, I suggest you talk to client services to better understand/resolve this issue. It sounds like you may not be looking at the right reports. Please call or submit an inquiry via AAQ (ask a question).
    Todd Crawford
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    Give me a minute before I post again

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    AAQ mission impossible
    At current situation (after upgrade) almost impossible use AAQ without special attention. As I understand in most cases queries unread at all. See, for instance, typical reply:
    Thank you for your inquiry and we apologize for not being able to answer
    all inquiries as quickly as is customary.

    Due to the system upgrade there have been a number of delays in accessing
    the system and resolving many issues.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we are hopeful to
    have all of these issues resolved as soon as possible. Be advised that
    many critical notices and updates are available when you log-in to the
    Account Manager.

    A great deal of the issues clients have experienced over the last week
    have been temporary problems and corrected by now.

    Many common questions can be researched and resolved at the Commission
    Junction website or CJU online.

    If your issue still has not been resolved, please contact us again.


    Sr. Client Services Representative

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