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    Mysterious Ad Pasted Into My RSS Feed
    I'm using Blogger to publish my Blog and to convert the atom feed into a RSS feed.

    Earlier this afternoon, an ad for a dating web site suddenly appeared in my RSS feed. I don't see any new comments posted to my blog and the atom feed does not seem to including the ad.

    I've contacted to see if they insert advertising in exchange for providing free feed conversion. Considering that I didn't see anything about this and I was referred to by Blogger, I would be surprised if they did this.

    Is it possible for a spammer to intercept my RSS feed, alter it, and then send it back out?

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    Nope. They are prob putting an ad in there to generate some income for their free service. (If it's free) The only way around something like this is to run your own RSS feed. That way you have full control over it.
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