Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to be managing the Arizona Sun affiliate program. This is a great company that now has an affiliate-friendly program utilizing ShareaSale.

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Overview of Arizona Sun
Arizona Sun is an established company (since 1982) that offers an award winning brand of Skin Moisturizers, Sun Blocks, Sunscreens, Suntan Lotions, Bath & Body Products, personal lubricants, Lip Balm, and Southwestern accessories.

The Arizona Sun skincare products are positioned around the vibrant visual imagery of the American southwest. Every product in the line is created from the finest ingredients available, with natural plant and cacti influences, as well as a light, memorable fragrance to ensure the utmost in skin protection.

Affiliate Program Overview
- 15% commission on ALL Sales
- 365-day tracking cookie
- Free product datafeed, template site and product page maker
- Program run on the ShareaSale network

Some Program Highlights
- With these consumables, our 365-day cookie will allow you to earn commissions on repeat sales. One sale gets you a potential repeat buyer.

- Average sale is around $60 and the site produces solid conversions (1-2% or more).

I will post more details about our tools, the products, and ways to promote Arizona Sun.

However, I suggest you join the program now.

As always, let us know any questions you have.