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    What are "new", "extended", and "Locked" commissions
    Can someone define what a "new" commisison is, what a "Extended" commisison is and what a "locked" Commission is? I'm a bit confused by CJ's terminology especially "Extended".

    Thank you!

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    From CJ HELP:

    Status: One of the following statuses displays:

    New: A transaction that has not been accepted or extended by the advertiser. A transaction may stay in the New status until it is locked by the system on the 10th of the month following the month it was posted.

    Accepted: An advertiser has the option to Accept a transaction. The Accepted status means the advertiser has reviewed and/or approved the transaction. Be aware that the advertiser does have the option to extend an accepted transaction.

    Extended: Transactions may be extended by an advertiser one time only, for a period of 30 days.

    Locked: The Commission Junction system locks all New and Accepted transactions as well as any transactions that have been in the Extended status for a period longer than 30 days on the 10th of the month following the month they were posted. Commissions for all Locked transactions will be included in the payment following the month the transactions were posted (e.g., transactions locked in January are included in the February commission payment). Once a transaction is locked it may not be moved to another status.

    There are some advertisers that EXTEND all transactions because they have a 30-day return policy, and they want to make sure the buyer doesn't return the item before paying the commission.

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    Okay. "Closed" is new with the lastest update. I'm sort of guessing here, but this is what makes sense to me.

    Before the update a transaction was NEW, then ACCEPTED or EXTENDED, and then finally LOCKED. Once it was locked, you got paid for it with the next payment cylce.

    Now, we have the new system which has added a new reporting section.

    1. During the current month, transactions appear in your Commission Detail report.

    2. Sometime the following month, CJ starts transferring the transactions from the Commission section to the Transaction section, getting ready for payment.

    I think that when it moves, the transaction in the Commission section becomes CLOSED, and is then LOCKED at some point in the Transaction section.

    When I run a Transaction Detail report for June, I do not see the STATUS. However, when I export it to EXCEL, then there is a status of STATUS_LOCKED.

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    What I don't understand is why the totals are all active links in the new reports. You click on them, and you go to another page with all 0.00 amounts on it. Even if there are figures in the column on the page you clicked the link on, the page you go to is all 0.00. I don't get it - is this something to be rolled out in the second phase? (A terrifying thought!)

    Seems like a waste to me...

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