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    WTF...bait & switch commishes?
    I signed up for a merchant last week at I get an "offer" to review that will change my commissions to 1%. I could understand maybe if I had been with them, not converting...yeah, slap my wrist. But I just joined and you entice me with a 20 % offer then yank it away before I can drive traffic? Won't be getting my time is worth more (or at least hope it is!)
    I understand any money is good money, but seems insulting...on their $15 product I'll make a whopping what? 15 cents?

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    January 18th, 2005
    dump them. Replace all their links with the competition.

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    Who was the merchant? Out them for this nonsense! What will they do? cut you commish?
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    I can completely understand your frustration in this matter...Have you tried contacting the publisher to enquire about what happened? Perhaps they made a mistake with the initial 20% offer or with the 1% "review" offer...If anything I'm sure they can explain why they are changing your commission from 20% to 1%...It seems a little strange to me...But maybe try and get the whole story...

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