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    The affiliate formerly known as ojmoo
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    Talking CJ merchant emails
    We all get emails from new merchants on cj asking us to join. For me, most aren't related to the products I usually promote. Also, I always check at the new merchants when cj gets them.

    Anyway, one merchant had products that fit in with the rest of them, but I de4cided for various reason I didn't wqant to bother. So I get an email from them through cj asking me to join, giving me a list of reason, high conversion, dedicated affiliate manager, high commissions, a blog, whatever. So I send him this email back. What do you guys think of it. I think it is reasonable.

    "Don't tell me you have high converting pages. I don't know what high means exactly, give me an exact percentage of conversion and a guarantee of what you will give me if you don't convert as highly and you said. Also, I see you have a free sample, that is what most people unfamiliar with your product will get, what if they get the free sample and then do what comes naturally, phone you a month later and buy it, do I get a commission? This is of great concern to me.

    What you have to do is prove to me that you are worth the time and effort I put into promoting your product. What I want is a $15 guarantee. I'll put up links to for 2 months or 100 clicks, whichever comes last. If after that period is over, if there are sales then the $12 per sale is fine, but if there are no sales at all, then you give me $15 for trying and I'll remove your links and out affiliation will be over.

    Remember, you contacted me, therefore you must prove your worth to me."

    My theory of this is, if you are contacting me, then you must prove to me your worth my effort and take the finanial risk if you are not. I'll put up links and give you 2 months and 100+ clicks and in that time, you can't earn me $15, then send me $15 for my efforts and we can dissolve our relationship. If you don't think your product can generate at least $15 on my site then don't waste my time.

    Anybody have any comment on doing business like this?

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    It's an awful lot of trouble to go to for $15.

    I've had a lot of merchants pay me in advance for doing a site to promote them. Most will go for $20 or more, and I don't promise anything. I've been given domains and a year's hosting.

    If they are as good as they claim I'll continue promoting them of course.
    Affiliate Marketing - The hardest easy money I ever made.

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    The affiliate formerly known as ojmoo
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    $15 is just a token. What I want is to be successful and make real commission, but so many programs are duds and I should get something for promoting them. I don't want a new domain, I don't want to create a a site dedicated to their product, afterall they already have their own site dedicated to them. I just want a token payment incase it doesn't work out. Most of the time, you put up links, nothing sells and then you take them down. You have lost time and effort and someone else's products would have worked better in that placement. The merchant risked nothing and gained name recognition. I have gained nothing and put in a bit of work. Why should they be in a no lose situation? Give me a token payment $15 for trying.

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