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    I think we've all asked that question at one point or another... it's best to simply sift through the Parasite forum, as I have yet to find a comprehensive list.

    If you do find one though... pass it on.


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    I'm sure Ms. B. has a list but she's got a lot on her plate right now. Ben Edelman probably has a list on his site. You can also check out Click on the "parasites" link.

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    If I were a CJ merchant I would be more concerned about CJ staff than with external parties.

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    I don't have a single comprehensive list. Instead, I usually proceed as follows:

    1) Merchant hires me to test their program.

    2) I boot up a set of infected test machines, and I request merchant's site (and merchants' competitors).

    3) If I observe any affiliate links invoked unexpectedly or improperly, I record what I see in videos, screenshots, and packet logs. I send this proof to merchants, so they can reverse any commissions improperly claimed, and remove any rogue affiliates.

    This does yield a list of rogue affiliate IDs, but I do not provide that list on my site, nor do I ordinarily provide it to merchants.

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