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    Question "Affiliate Rapper"

    I would have never thought it would come to this. Here is an "Affiliate Rapper" that I found on another forum. I thought that you might enjoy this too :-)

    "Affiliate Rapper".

    Check it out the: "New Internet Marketers Song"


    We embark on a journey underachieving and learning a new method to make connections... I hope yaíll is earning... a buck or two, it be the marketing crew, step inside my office we got that jobby to do.

    So I created the ploy to learn from Envoy Site Buildin it was a heck of a joy - but I was missing something, I needed the remedy... how to corp with Michael Green now I understand how to fulfill my dreams... Turn ideas into dollars, Andre hear me hollar. Made me commision on dog flea collars... Stumblen around, bumpen into money Key my success has been strictly rock the funny..

    Itís that Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
    Everybody makes a sale, ring the bell, bang the gong
    Itís the Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
    Selling from Portland Oregon all the way to Hong Kong
    It be the Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
    Everybody chips in, itís a place we all belong.

    Let's see if we can get him at the next

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