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Thread: Morbid interest in Arrow Sheds

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    Morbid interest in Arrow Sheds
    I use PPC ads a little and have noticed a strange pattern of visits, mostly using the search terms "arrow sheds", "arrowsheds" and similar. There tend to be 3-4 clicks on the PPC ad, and each is followed by an internal click, i.e. within the site. Occasionally, an organic search result is also used within the same session.


    Is anyone else seeing this?

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    Are you suspicious that a website publisher using adsense is clicking their own ad to generate click revenue?

    Just trying to understand the post accurately.

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    Hi Victor,

    No, it is about someone clicking my Adwords in Google or a partner search site as I don't display them on Content (i.e. affiliate) sites. I haven't sold a shed for a while but the curious clickers come daily and look at my Ads daily.

    Most are new visitors, so I am not suspecting any single source. Just wondering if any other affiliate has noticed similar patterns.

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