I can't help but read thru some of the posts regarding reporting delays, interface issues and other problems with the "big" networks.

But then, as you read thru ShareaSale-related posts, the theme seems to change. Reliable, efficient, accurate - are some words that come to mind when thinking of ShareaSale.

Arizona Sun is a new, quality merchant on the ShareaSale network.

Arizona Sun is an established, award-winning company (since 1982) that offers their own brand of the finest quality skin and body care products such as moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, personal lubricants, sun screen, tanning oil, and gift packages.

Give Arizona Sun a chance on your sites and rest assured that tracking and reporting will always be accurate and on-time.

We offer the tools you can utilize to drive the traffic that will result in the sales. A visitor today, could be your customer for an entire year (365-day cookie)

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