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    Questions for the AM
    I have a couple of questions for you.

    1) In the sign-up process, you ask for the website URL. Mine is not finished so I haven't brought the .com yet, is it necessary to have one beforehand?

    2) When I'll be registered and my application is accepted, do I have access to all the merchants stuff automatically or do I have to "sign-up" each one I want?

    3) Being a CJ member, do I have a king of "Merchants guarantee the quality of the products" or is it "at client's risks"?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Since noone has answered this i'll take it on i guess....

    1. Many AM's won't accept your application if you have no site to check out. If you have a track record in CJ i.e you have a few green bars then you'll get let in as you are either doing PPC successfully or maybe email marketing (if that's allowed for the particular program). I would advise that you speak to the AM(s) before you apply, explain your strategy and they'll almost certainly accept your application if they feel you'll add value to the program they manage. Remember, if you don't show them how you'll add value to their program, there's not a great justification to accept your application...

    2. You should have access to all the tools i.e. banners/text links/advanced links/content links etc. straight way after being accepted. The data feed depends on how they run it.

    3. All reputable merchants offer a 100% money back guarantee. If they don't give them a wide berth...This is a warning sign IMO. This is especially the case for merchants that sell soft goods.

    That's pretty much all i've got to say...Hope it helps Gu4dian.
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    Yes, thanks James
    I will continue my work on the website in that case. I have troubles with the logo (I hate logos).

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    pm'd you the name of a logo site that does surprisingly good work for $25 per logo.

    btw, this aint spam, I am not associated with them.

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    Hey Fred,

    Ditto on what James said. Every merchant has different policies but once you're approved by any merchant you automatically have access to any banners and text links provided by the merchant in their own CJ 'GET LINKS' page.

    As well, try to communicate with any merchant you're partnered with by asking questions directly to them on what theyre policies consist of, allow, disallow etc. Ask them if they offer any other types of tools to help you succeed outside of what's offered on their GET LINKS page and if they have them, they can let you know directly what they offer as well as any other information that might help you find success as their partner.

    Like James said - a good merchant always has a money back guarantee of some type though of course they vary. IMHO you shouldn't promote any product or service you're not sure of anyhow- make sure you do your homework and know that any product or service your'e planning to promote is a trustworthy product/service then you can honestly tell others how great it is without worry you're encouraging people to empty their wallets to scam artists.

    Hope that helps.

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