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    Angry Where did they find these programmers??
    I'm thinking of these likely candidates:

    1) Unsupervised Interns
    2) Regular CJ programmers, but they are on drugs
    3) Outsourced to the cheapest programmers in India they could find
    4) They accidentally deleted the old reporting system and have started again from scratch
    5) The same people in charge of the hurricane response
    6) The programmers have been fired, and they are still interviewing replacements

    Some of the current problems should be incredibly easy to fix...

    For example, on the home page there is a drop-down list of advertisers, and it works just fine. In the reports section there is the same drop-down list of advertisers. It is in alphabetical order, except that one in ten is in the wrong place, such as:
    Jeep Parts

    Obviously they are being ranked by the wrong field, something that should take less than one minute to put right.
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    That is an amuzing set of possibilities there! If I were to take a guess, I would put my money on option 6 "The programmers have been fired, and they are still interviewing replacements"!
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    dont forget that the interviewing replacements are going on, on freelance sites such as hehehe

    btw i cant download reports on any type of always states that their appropriate dept has been notified and thats more than a week or so.... and i cant DO my work properly...

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