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    Why The Pending Offers?
    If the offer is to cut or eliminate our commissions, the merchant will simply reverse our sales if we don't accept. (Happened recently to me)

    If the offer is to increase our commissions, why wouldn't you accept? Why bother to ask?

    So just send up an email (to our home email, not CJ's) announcing the new terms as they will be.
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    I hate this "Pending Offers" system.
    1- If you are already working with the merchant, you have no idea what they are changing, commission, cookies, terms... If you don't accept the offer, your sales are reversed after 7 days. So you need to keep an eye on these "Pending Offers"
    and I had to wait 10 days to be able to accept an offer during their last update.
    2- If you are not working with the merchant, it's like they are pushing you to make a decision. Accept or reject. I WANT TO DECIDE when I'm ready. Is CJ paid to push these offers. I guess they are!

    It's just a stupid feature implemented by stupid people.

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    I think they need to put the offers side by side, instead of making people scroll all over the place to compare them. And make anything that has changed appear in green or something so we can see at a glance what changed. If the terms changed, the section changed can be highlighted or something. But the current offer and the new offer should be put side to side so we can see what's changing, compare cookies, etc.

    But that would be user friendly, something new for CJ to try...

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