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We have created a Full Page Creative for Arizona Sun.

Static Full Page Creative
Click here to view the Full Page Creative.

To use, simply right click and View Source and then Copy the html and paste it into your own web page. Please remember to replace SHAREASALE_ID with your own affiliate id.

Dynamic Full Page Creative
We also have a dynamic version of this to use as an include file for those of you who have php-based sites. You simply insert the include code below into your php webpage, and we handle all future updating of the page/file.

$affiliate_id = 'SHAREASALE_ID';

Again, please remember to replace SHAREASALE_ID with your own affiliate id.

If you have a site that targets any of the following areas:
Bath and Body
Skin Care
Health Care Products
Gift Sites
Men and Women Related Sites
Drug Stores
Water Sports
Garden Supply
Swimming Pool Supply
Natural Foods
Travel Agencies
Resort Areas
Auto Race
Sports Events
Cruise Ships
Send to our troops
Health Care Products Related Sites

I suggest adding a page to your site with Arizona Sun's Full Page Creative. A great way to offer these award-winning products in a nice, clean, professional presentation!

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