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    Free eVoice is a real time-saver with annoying merchants!
    Four months ago, I signed up for a free eVoice account. (It's voice mail delivered to your computer, similar to their eFax service for faxes.) For my outgoing message, I basically said "Thanks for calling Please go to the web site and hit the 'Contact' link to send an email. Voice mails will not be returned.". I changed the "whois" phone number on all of my domains to that number. I still have a business line that I give out to my active merchants and networks.

    In the past four months, I've had 17 voice mails from people who ignore my request to email me. 8 of them have been from one affiliate manager, all within the past two weeks. He has called my voice mail number almost every business day and left the same "call me back" message. His English is so bad I couldn't even understand his name and company name the first time, even after listening to it half a dozen times. I finally pieced it together from later voice mails.

    This is a merchant. I had identified a couple dozen merchants there that I wanted to try out, signed up for their programs, sorted them by EPC, and started adding the highest EPC ones first. This merchant was at the end of the list, with a $0.00 EPC. Now, they're no longer on my list. If they're going to be this annoying, I don't want to work with them.

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    Out of curiosity, was the AM's initial's R J? I have received calls from this gentleman and the first call I could not understand either. He is persistant and once you speak with him kind of demanding.

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    Great idea Michael! I always dislike giving my phone number out as I work in the music business in the "real" world and sleep weird hours. I absolutely go crazy when the phone rings before noon, which happens most times with affiliate managers, as I'm in Los Angeles and they're way ahead of me in time zones (or they work "normal" hours). LOL

    While I enjoy bantering and opening a dialogue with AMs, I do not enjoy being awakened by a chipper, eager voice wanting to discuss business before my first cappuccino. I do understand their need to know there is a real person on the other end of an affil application, though and try to be civil. ;-)

    What has bothered me more than AM calls are calls from people who find my telephone number through WHOIS. WTF?!!! I've had calls from visitors to my site who feel they have the right to track me down and call me to "chat." While I answer all email from visitors, which can be quite extensive and labor intensive, I find it incredibly rude when someone invades my privacy in this way. This is a great option without having to buy an additional phone line. Thanks!

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