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    Question Stop Search Engines from making Click-throughs?
    Hello all,

    Is there a definitive way to stop search engines from making click-throughs?
    I'm using a redirect script which gets the affiliate url from the database and then redirects to that page. So I figured if I simply have a ban in my robots.txt
    file, on that particular redirect.php file, for the search engines, it should work.

    It doesnt.

    Are there any ways that we can stop search engines from 'making click-throughs' as they index the pages, and keep our stats 100% accurate?

    Thanks (in advance) for any help.

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    I keep a list of match strings and IP addresses of "bad bots" that don't honor robots.txt. My redirect script checks those and sends them a "403 forbidden" response code instead of redirecting.

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