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    Lightbulb Copywriting skills - necessity or luxury?
    Will a newbie cut it in this industry if their copywriting skills for their website are not to par? Others who do not or (did not in the beggining) have good to great copyskills please, share how you overcame this deficiency or what comments you have about this?

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    I think it can make a huge difference. If your web site is poorly presented, there's a lack of trust, and that affects conversions.

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    Michael is absolutely right. I have a marketing and advertising background, so I am especially 'sensitive' to bad copy. If I see typos, poor language use, or 'empty' descriptions, I go right off a site. Decent copywriting skills come with practice. I recommend the books 'The Elements of Copywriting: The Essential Guide to Creating Copy That Gets the Results You Want' and 'Teach Yourself Copywriting'. Also, invest in a good writer's reference such as 'The Business Writer's Handbook'. You can also find some resources on the Web, but it is nice to have some tried and true reference books at your disposal.

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