Need some help as I'm still not quite clear as to how to look for my back links and indexed links. For ease of explanation I use, so you can try for yourself. Hope that doesn't infringe any rules. Google this:

1) results in 4,990 'hits'
2) link: results in 455,000 'hits' (mind the space after ':')

3) results in 11,200 'hits'
4) site: results in 1,480,000 'hits' (again with space after ':')

link:.. will show you the back links. If I use my main site I get:
1) 716 and
2) 36,900

site:www... is supposed to give you all your indexed pages. If I do this for my main site I get
3) 45,900 and
4) 37,200 (YES, in this order!)

but I have only about 4800 pages all together on this site!??

2) seems to give me some or all internal links plus backlinks, but still it doesn't add up.

And how come 3) shows some 10 times the number of my actual pages.

I'm quite confused, can somebody please enlighten me?

Thanks, Frank