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    One thing I hate...
    Loading a datafeed only to see that it has live links in the descriptions to a "help" page or a "colors / options" page. Sometimes this is innocous and meant to be as a convenience to the end user, but please, for SEO purposes, this is not good for your affiliates.

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    Good point. That's why I recommend checking on an affiliate program (on the feed 'updatedness' among other things) with other affiliates at ABW first!


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    Yeah, I've seen the same thing many different places. I'm sure it's innocent. The people loading the product descriptions never considered that they would be used elsewhere and the people building the datafeeds never considered that there would be non-affiliate links in the descriptions. I automatically remove all and tags when I load descriptions.

    Another similar problem you'll find once in a while is relative paths for images (like sizing charts or things like that) in descriptions.

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